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In the quest to achieve better health and wellness, fish oil supplements have become an increasingly popular way to take advantage of many different medical benefits. Fish oil originates from the tissues of oily fish, such as carp, herring, salmon, and fresh tuna. Today, fish oil is recommended as part of a healthy diet because of the amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained, which is known to reduce inflammation throughout the body and lessen the threat of coronary heart disease (among other things). There are two main ways to include fish oil as part of a healthy diet. The first involves the consumption of oily fish, including sardines and cod, which contain... read full article


Benefits of Fish Oil

I am so glad that fish benefits you in so many ways as we live next to the sea and eat a variety of seafood..never bought it living in town,


Benefits of Fish Oil

A balanced diet is all you need. Don't fall for fads - check out Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science' book and blog for a good dose of healthy fact.

So true!


Benefits of Fish Oil

the best comment


Benefits of Fish Oil

Great article, food for thought


Benefits of Fish Oil

Good to read. Have recently been made redundant and self esteem is at a low. Will include fish in my daily food intake and will take capsules as well. Got to be good for you. Nothing to lose, only lots to gain. Thanks.


Benefits of Fish Oil

i swim in fish oil


Benefits of Fish Oil

I know for sure that fish oil is most beneficial for one's health, as i have been taking fish oil supplements for over a month now, as i suffer from ulcers in my leg's. Since i have been taking the fish oil supplement's i have noticed a big improvement. Thank you. Lillian


Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish is also quicker and easier to cook with


Benefits of Fish Oil

fish and fish oil supplements are #1 superfood :)


Benefits of Fish Oil

I really swear by the benefits of fish.. It is the most healthy of all meats... Its any day my first choice against other meats!! Fishy rocks!! Go for it guys.. give up red meat and switch to the benefits of fish


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