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“On a hippie trail, head full of zombie……..I met a strange lady, she made me nervous….she took me in and gave me breakfast”   What a way to kick things off!  Appropriate is the only word that can describe the relationship between the line of this song and how it relates so well to the essence of the story I am about to see unravel before my eyes. Joe Cross is a man on a mission who has suffered from a debilitating condition that is similar to chronic hives for a big part of his life which has meant that he needs to take steroids just to get by.  Lifestyle choices have also dictated a focus on wealth rather... read full article


Film Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Sounds the sort of thing we shoould all watch!!


Great to see some emphsis going on mens health after 35. My wife told me if I didnt watch myself I would end up overweight in my forties. Well I took her advice (as all husbands do - Yeah right!) and did something about it. Lost nine kg through changing two habits 1. less carbs on my plate 2. more excercise. I have never felt better. Now when I walk down the street the people that stand out the most to me are the overweight 40 something men and I thank my lucky stars that I am not one of them. Look after your health, it will determine your enjoyment of old age,


This has to be one of the best titles ever. i would watch it just for that.


we are doing that diet and it works! first week we lost 2 kgs... you get grumpy but its worthy


I really want to see this. One of my friends saw it on TV and raves about it. Its also inspired me to get my juicer out and start drinking more natural juice!


I missed this when it was screened recently, but have vowed to catch the repeat. Sounds like a highly effective way to communicate a really important message - one that could end up saving lives. Well done Joe and good luck.


I need to watch this and maybe even try what they've done. It has to be good for me.

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