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With the myriad of fat burners and weight loss supplements on the market it can be a tough job to work out what’s what. The most effective will come from one of 3 main product categories:   – Thermogenic metabolism boosters – Fat mobilising transporters – Whey protein powders Let’s begin with the mother of fat loss weapons and the one most often used to drop weight fast. Thermogenics For fastest results the most powerful way to target fat loss with a nutrition supplement is to use a 'Thermogenic Fat Burner'. Thermogenic’s are formulations of specific ingredients (usually in capsule form) designed to... read full article


Fat burning supplements

Gidday, i reckon the absolute best thermogenic mixed with best quality whey protein is Horleys Ripped Factors. Shreds the fat fast, awesome once youve already done the hard yards. Check out this link then scroll down (best deals in NZ) http://www.punchsupplements.co.nz/supplements?search_manufacturers=1&search_text=3

Horley's ripped off more like! That stuff is junk, and to make matters worse, probably one of the worst tasting protein powders on the market. You'd be better off purchasing a good qaulity protein (try Balance) and have your thermo's seperate, I mean after all why would you do cardio to lose fat with food in your belly? (i.e. protein)

Balance? u gotta be kidding me!

Horleys is ice whey (pure isolate not concentrate) plus a thermogenic (L carnitine)
I do agree it tastes horrible but is still cheaper than separate products.
Its the results not the taste i care about.
And combined with hi intensity weight training is the bomb.

Ok so apples with apples, Balance's equivalent product to Ice Whey would be Ion Exchange which is over 90% protein and again, no problem with the taste. Horley's have been adding stuff to their supplements for years but never in a serve quantity. A serve of L-Glutamine for instance is 5g, yet Ripped Factors has a smaller almost negligible amount. Also read above; L-Carnitine is a fat transporter not a thermogenic. And if it's "results" you are after, you might best get your facts right and maybe the "results" you are after will happen. In one comment you put "I am worth it", yet you won't purchase quality products separately? Even the original article we are writing comments for suggests taking L-carnitine on an empty stomach as food absorbs the fat mobilising effects? Again, back to the books! Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to fitness, you are what you eat. On that, if I am going to be using protein at least four times a day, I'm going to want it to taste nice no matter what the cost. I am a competition natural bodybuilder and I know of no one who uses Ripped Factors other than the people sponsored by Horley's. But then it sounds like their marketing has worked on their target market, run of the mill Joe Bloggs who truly believes they are buying the best because it costs so much.

This should elaborate on my original comment where I mentioned Ripped Factors is junk; I'm not saying it isn't a good protein, just it doesn't taste nice and the extras you pay for aren't the proper quantities to do the job they are meant to do.

If it gets published, check out my picture below if you want to see "results"


Fat burning supplements

hmmm whatever happened to just plain old exercise and eating well, personally everything else to me is a money making scam....and if it did work, it wouldn't work for long...

now if that isnt the most pessimistic reason not to to be the best you can.
I reckon you would quit the product well before it quit you!

Get's my vote...simple exercise and eating sensibly although not necessarily boringly is the way - unless you really want to turn yourself into some sort of insectoid/human hybrid...

I agree. if you are unhappy with your body, then taking various pills or starving yourself is not the way.
lifestyle change is the only way to go. change your ways for a happier, healthier future.


Fat burning supplements

It should be a lot easier - I agree with Cindy - eat less but well and exercise - input should be less than output......and it doesnt cost anything :-)

The only things easy in life is laziness, obesity and couch potatoism.


Fat burning supplements

Smoke and mirrors... The scientific lingo is just a marketing ploy to con men into thinking they'll build muscle the same way all the weight loss products prey women's desires to be slim. 86 the pills and get on your bike I say.


Fat burning supplements

It's all a have, they just want you buy, buy, buy these products. It's all in the mind, try using it you be amazed with the results, the only thing that hasn't worked 4 me on this method is smoking, lol

Thats probly cause you dont really want to quit!

I was a smoker for 20 years till i read a book "how to stop smoking permanently" by dr allen carr. Best book i have ever read.(given to me by an ex chain smoker with schizoprehenia) NB: You still have to read the book tho!

I have stopped smoking for about 7 months now, nil cravings as these are a myth/ mindset. I have given up cigarettes, recreational drugs (dak & P) alcohol & changed a multitude of bad behaviour in my life.
Exercise is my drug of choice, nick evans "body sculpting", his hybrid hard body workout gets results, he is my guru (at local library)

Exercise is my drug of choice now. Having learnt that regardless the cost of a supplement, i am worth it!
Yes u can exercise without supplements, yes there are alternatives, but there are also those supplements that make just make it a bit easier to get the best results in the shortest time eg Horleys Ripped factors.


Interesting read. It's something I've not read much on before.


Im not a big fan on supplements. To many people treat them as fixes. They are SUPPLEMENTS for a reason. They work to help your diet not are you diet. People would get more better and more productive results in changing their diet first

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