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The Cyclus formula may be different, but their objective is simple- to recycle urban materials and provide unique designer products while at the same time being 100% environmentally friendly. Created in Colombia in 2002, the range has been bought to New Zealand thanks to new company, Paco Design, run by Colombia native Gilberto Navas-Cotte and Paul Askew. Filling a niche in the New Zealand market by bringing local designer brands from Colombia and Latin-America, Paul and Gil share a passion for good design and innovation by sourcing unique products from around the globe and importing into New Zealand. Cyclus is the first brand that Paco Design has brought to NZ... read full article


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

That is one nice looking bag. My nephew is in high school and would really like that as a gift to hold his books n stuff. Nice One.


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

Wow. This looks pretty mint and not like really gross and huge and baggy looking! Haha. Something ild wear. Very roomy too!!! Not too sure about the last bag though.. but thats just me! :p


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

I'm just not a bag man, if i have to transport something i just biff it in a sports bag, man bags are not for me. I spend my days stuck like a penguin in a suit and tie which is bad enough but i refuse to go down the accessory route - leaving that to my other half.


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

I love this bag, my niece has one exactly like it. Lucky for her I guess, I wish that I had one of these to put my Notebook into instead of carrying it around in a dinky old bag, haha. This has alot of space for those books and things that teenagers lug around with all day, and it is also stylish which is a bonus. Wow nice creation.


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

Kind of looks like the offspring of a camelpack crossed with a baby-carrier thing but to each their own!


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

I really like these bags! I am not one for carrying a 'man bag' - I prefer to stuff things in my pockets or get my wife to carry everything...but I think I would actually use one of these. I like the eco-friendly idea too.


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

Far thats mean as. Can I have it please ?


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

A dag of a bag! Beaut with a suit! Cute as a boot! Holds all your loot! Yeah, drunk as a skunk!


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

The most sophisticated bag i ever see in my life


Fashion Profile: Cyclus

Eco-friendly, and it still looks cool. Nice it can also fit in a small laptop.

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