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Did you know 80 per cent of children’s learning happens visually? So being able to focus clearly on the blackboard, computer screen and school books is crucial to your child’s development. Did you also know that an estimated one in five New Zealand primary school children may have an undiagnosed eye condition stopping them from doing just that? Oamaru optometrist and EYEPRO professional, Brian Denny, says nearly 100,000 Kiwi kids have vision-related learning difficulties which can affect their writing, comprehension of visual information, concentration and behaviour. Current Ministry of Health vision screening for kindergarten and primary school... read full article


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

So it's true, glasses make you more intelligent... how intreging. I wish I had gotten mine earlier on in my school life so maybe I could read, write and spell correctly!


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

I experienced great difficulty reading from the blackboard while attending school due to the prohibitive cost of glasses or contact lenses from an optometrist prior to current competition which has increased affordability.


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

Odd that there are compulsory hearing screenings for new-borns but no visual screening tests, what's the deal with that. I think that's the most profound comment I've come up with on this site, maybe I should retire..


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

other signs to look for * child keeps walking into things * child never sees the mess they have left behind


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

yeah and kids don't get teased as much these days. If I had a dollar for every time I got called 4 eyes, I'd be as rich as Bill Gates.


Eyesight - unlock your child's full potential

Things have changed and lots more kids these days seem to have glasses.


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