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Welcome to Eye Candy, a new feature on Get Frank where we present a list of top quality music videos - all in one place for your convenience and viewing pleasure.When The Buggles first released the jukebox-favourite "Video Killed the Radio Star", it's hard to imagine they realised just how right they were. Nearly 40 years later, a solid video can 'make' an otherwise shitty tune - and an excellent track can go virtually unnoticed if it doesn't have a captivating video. It's a sad reality that artists have been able to get away with absolute crap just because of a slick vid. That's not to say that the recent high-production music... read full article


Eye Candy - Best Music Videos of 2012 So Far

Jay-Z & Kanye West - "No Church in the Wild"


Bon Iver 'Towers' Hey I'm a milky white indie boy


M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"


Grimes - "Oblivion"...Awesome!!


M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"


Killer Mike – “Big Beast” Video (Feat. T.I., Bun B & Trouble) (NSFW) What's not to love? Zombie strippers, body parts and gore. Link that works http://stereogum.com/1057072/killer-mike-big-beast-video-feat-t-i-bun-b-trouble-nsfw/video/


Woodkid - Run Boy Run


M.I.A. - "Bad Girls". Just awesome.


Feeder - Borders, not on this list but it seems to be lacking in the rock'n'roll department


Easily Kanye and Jay Z - No Church in the Wild. Romain Gavras is changing the way music videos are perceived. The cinematography is as impressive as any fully blown film. Extra refreshing to have a hip hop video without girls, cars and bling too (not that there's anything wrong with girls...).


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