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Explore the world of Asian cuisine at home, with Breville…

DIY - would be good to be able to ask a little advice or give out a tip.


nothing worse than being stuck between a wok and a hard place. forums? i'm not sure what demographic make up the getfrank readers, but perhaps advice/tips/spots to visit when in town. we all know that secret spot to take your gf, which is less commercial and has that "je nais se quoi". Also, a music forum where readers can review gigs, discuss artists etc..


The usual suspects, like Sports and Current Events... then some topics to set the GetFrank forums apart from all the other forums out there - e.g. Men's Fashion, Relationship advice from a guy's point of view... Need to make it awesome enough for guys to spend time on the forum, hang out, and have a yarn with other blokes.


Would like some thinking stuff on relationships. As I girl, would love to find out more of the guy's view. Some great stuff on ted.com


Rather than launch a fully fledged forum I feel it best that you start a general forum and build areas on those topics that show the most promise in the forum. Keep in mind your branding and what you want to get a name for. Potential areas in line with your current layout and image in my opinion would include: Frank talk (general and would include sports) Frank flirt (romance with the edgy name for appeal) Frank project (DIY stuff) As far as what I'd like to see/use : relationship (flirt), fitness, tech, project.


Fitness, exercise - ways of making small changes in your daily life that help you become more healthy - obviously a powerful wok and fresh veggies would be an awesome start!


I'm a real stir fry fanatic and this would be great in my inventions, GO FRANK!


I think the sections you currently have for your articles could be good! I defo think an alcohol section would be good, spotlight on boutique breweries and specialist whiskys and things would be good, users can post fave drink recipes and things


You could break it down into the sections listed on your site. Health, investment recreation etc. It's what your readers expect when they come here so is the perfect draw card to actually have relevant discussion for the site. As mentioned by others, maybe a separate food and drink section would work well. As more threads and posts are made, it will be easier to see what minor divisions in topic are needed, if any. It's a good site, build it on your strengths and it will do well.


oooo toughy as you guys have basically everything covered! definitely relationship tips etc, food recipes, perhaps and online chat, top ten 'somethings' of the week, horoscopes, photo competitions. that wok it a BEAUTY! i promise to send you all chow mein and sweet and sour pork if you pick me?? ;)


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