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If you are an office worker stuck sitting at a desk all day, then chances are you have poor shoulder mobility and possibly even a pain in the neck. Not only can this bother you at work, but common exercises can make these problems worse. You could end up with rotator cuff problems or worse. Fortunately, just a few minutes of shoulder mobility exercises per day can help you get rid of this pain. Here are a couple of exercises that will improve your shoulder mobility. If you are like me in that you sit in front of a computer for a long period of time each day, then you probably have a lot of stress and tension in your upper back, leading to reduced... read full article


Exercises For Stiff Shoulders and Desk Workers

I'm a government office worker and the way that I reduce the tensions is to surf the internet, take long tea and lunch breaks, chat up the hot receptionist (ok that's wishful thinking) and read the paper.


Really helpful article - definitely found the 2nd exercise hard or maybe doing it wrong. Would be really helpful to have had diagrams or sketches just to give a better description of how the exercise should be correctly done.


Top article it's inspired me to set up "Richard Symmons" style exercise sessions to relive the stress at work and improve shoulder mobility! well if it doesn't we'll just go back to plan a and have a huge drinking session office party. That usually works and so much better work stories on Monday!


I was wondering about that.


My work has a wee applet that you can set up to remind you to do exercises or take a break. Suggests ideas on how to exercise but these look a bit more refined. Might give them a go next time!


These problems can be alleviated by having a really comfortable chair that you use that supports your back properly.


Great to have some exercises to get the shoulders moving although I was a bit confused with the last exercise. Some pictures on the starting position would have been helpful. I felt I was like a windmill, but perhaps I was doing it wrong?


Bit confused as to how to do the first one properly. I'm pretty sure I've injured my right shoulder as my flexibility is really bad on it. Would help to have some diagrams of how to do these stretches properly, but sounds more interesting than the usual boring shoulder stretches.


This is really great to read while at work to remind myself to stretch out as my shoulders get insanely sore and cramped up and full of muscle knots!


I make sure to do some office exercise as my six pack will become a keg!


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