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Every man, no matter what they say needs at least one decent suit in his wardrobe. With this golden guide, it will help cast out those mismatched trousers and those hideous sports jackets you love so much. 1) The Suit must fit: When trying on a suit, it must fit in all the right places. Unless you’re built like a model, an off-the-rack suit won’t fit your body shape perfectly. If you find one that fits but needs a little alteration work done, don’t be put off buying the suit. If you head down to your local tailor’s, it will cost around $40-$60 to have done but on the upside, you will be coming out with a handsome suit. 2) Choose natural... read full article


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

Thanks for this - the best thing is that you have avoided recommending the "Texas Cowboy Suit" - where you team a nicely fitted suit jacket with a t-shirt and jeans - the Texas Cowboy does not fool us women....we know what your all about under that suit jacket. and no - we dont want a bit of it. Don't get me wrong - we want to get in to your pant - especially if they are nicely fitted suit trousers with no socks showing


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

Aww I wish my partner would read this - his idea of an outfit suitable for a wedding etc is a shirt and his sneakers. He likes to tell me that "guys don't care about fashion like females do" and that no body cares what he wears!!


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

It is as I thought. The men just don't read the lifestyle section! (Or maybe the competition section...)


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

My lord I SO wish my man would read this - it is such a perfect guide.....in fact I may just print it out and pop it on his bedisde table!


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

There's nothing sexier than a man in a good suit! Pity you can't get my man within 10 metres of one.


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

One thing many people get wrong is cost v value. Sure, a suit can be a big purchase, but what other clothing gets worn so much for so long? On a cast per day basis, you're talking cents over the life of a good suit!


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

This article is wonderful, and easy to understand and follow my Guy whose not really a "reader" decided that he should print it off... and take with him into the city to the "Speights Ale House" and have a chat over a pint with the boys Hows that for "modern male :D :D"


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

Wonder if anyone has done one of these for the ladies...then maybe I could fit my 'one suit' in our wardrobe.


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

every man may need at least one suit but can you please tell mem how to get your man to wear a suit


Every Man Needs at Least One Suit

My birthday suit is fun to wear


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