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After a hard year, the girlfriend and I had escaped to Rarotonga for a blisfful tropical island getaway together. We had spent a few days lying around in the luxury of our resort and it was now time to get on the scooter and see what else this island had to offer.  The morning of our Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise arrived  and we were excited, we hadn’t been snorkelling yet and we were feeling it was well time that we did.  Our three Rarontongan guides exuded that typical Cook Island attitude – familiarity, mixed with humour and an overall laid back relaxed approach. The usual jokes about not knowing how to drive a boat or where... read full article


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

Sounds amazing!


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

It seems only yesterday that I was sipping a cold beer at Sails Restaurant overlooking Rarotonga's breathtaking Muri Beach. I've been there 3 times - it ticks all the boxes for me... heaps of things to do, it's beautiful and the locals are amazing. This guy is right about the scooters (a must do). Also essential to go to the Saturday market for fruit (especially paw paw) and veges. Local stuff is best, and heaps cheaper than the restaurants.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

As a young impressionable travel writer, one of my first sojourns was to Rarotonga to be guided around by a curious local, otherwise known as "Mr Red Wine". After a morning's boozy lunch, we decided to forgo the travel itinerary and ended up singing raucously along with some locals who were busying themselves weaving costumes for the upcoming cultural festival. So much better than what we had planned. That evening at the Edgewater Resort we ended the day with more warbling and hollering to the cultural group performing for the evening punters. The next day was spent recovering with a guided tour through the bush with "Pa"; an amazing local kaumatua/healer who could identify and describe the medicinal uses of practically every plant we passed in the rainforest. Such an amazing journey; just drive slowly and watch out for the million dogs on the loose!


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

In my head i am already bathing on the warm, sandy beach....in reality i'm beginning to drag out the winter bedding.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

Wow! What a gorgeous sounding place - would love to get enough money together to wing my way over there some time soon.....


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga Part 2

We spent 10 days at Muri Beach in 2008 and it rocked...beautiful scenery, select your own pace, plenty of choice for eating out or staying in...


Rarotonga looks so amazing its on my list of places to go.


Now that New Zealand is entering Winter Rarotonga looks like a lovely place to holiday. I just wish I had the money to go on holiday there.

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