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Think Rarotonga and you think palm trees, white sand and coconut cocktails.  Right, now think The Feelers, Jake the Ukelele player who hasn’t missed serenading a flight in 25 years and a wedding planner with over 200 weddings a year on his books. This was the Rarotonga we discovered.  Our ten day island bliss, escape was influenced by Cyclone Nisha who ever so slightly brushed against the Cook Islands on the night of our arrival.  However, even a gentle brushing by a cyclone results in some feisty wind and rain for a few days which encouraged us to explore beyond the world renowned soft sands and blue lagoons. We had arrived at The... read full article


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

I went to a family wedding at the Raratongan back in 2003 and it was fantastic. Great to see that they are still developing the resort. How they catered for our children was amazing including evening babysitting and the Kids Club. I would highly recommend a visit


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

I'm going there in May for my honeymoon. Looks like a fantastic place and I can't wait. My 2nd overseas trip ever and it's to paradise - Whoo Hoo!!


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

I'm going there for my honeymoon in May. Looking forward to it even more now.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

Never really wanted to go but this post has me convinced that will be my next holiday.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

The kids are not all that bad - My wife and I had a few laughs watching them doing the crab races on our honeymoon during a meal at the restaurant. The MC/Presenter was a crack up and the NZ crab smoked the Ozzie crab which was a plus. Hopefully those are the only crabs people see if they stay in Rarotonga!


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

My sister and brother in-law went and they loved it. Not the nightlife for the young revellers but good for families and older couples. A few bottles of ABSOLUT Vodka would make the trip even better.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

With the coming cooler weather, the thought of a nice tropical island is looking even more appealing than ever. Given that most tourists head for Fiji or Samoa, Rarotonga sounds like the perfect paradise.


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

WOW WOW WOW!!! Now there's something to aim for - maybe that can be the carrot I will dangle in front of my computer to remind me why i'm sitting in my office cubicle staring at a computer screen..........to earn the money that will get me to Raro!!


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

I totally agree with everything that's been said, I have been there 9 times in the last 18 to 20 years for weddings, birthdays, family getaways and even a good old boys trip. All have been fantastic trips without exception and we plan to do a family and friends trip next winter as well. In my experience the best times to go May through to September, thus missing out on the chance of a cyclone popping through the island. I could go on and on so just trust me, it's a great place to go and relax


Escape Showcase: Rarotonga

I was born and raised in Rarotonga. Left for NZ when I was 19yrs old back in 1995. Reading your article encourages and reminds my soul to listen to my heart and head home to Paradise!!! Thanks.


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