Discussing :: Epic Parking Fail


Epic Parking Fail

I wouldn't really call this like a pro?


Epic Parking Fail

Ohhh.. this person just came outta the mental hospital or is simply drunk and I bet didnt even realise that, and cooly left...


Epic Parking Fail

instead of the brake, tapped the accelerator. yes. tapped. how epic the failure was. as my computing teacher told this one guy "i just love watching you fail" hahahaha


Epic Parking Fail

Good ad for the 4WD, even after driving over two vehicles, it still drives off and looks fine (from what i can see on grainy footage) hahahahaa


Epic Parking Fail

Typical 4WD!


Epic Parking Fail

Don't you hate it when the person who dings your car in the carpark doesn't leave a note?


Epic Parking Fail

go the beemer!


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