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Treat yourself to a gorgeous breakfast of eggs Florentine. Poached eggs are served on toasted sourdough bread with spinach and creamy Hollandaise sauce. Ingredients:    * 4 fresh eggs at room temperature    * 1 bunch of baby spinach    * 2 tsp of white vinegar    * 2 thick slices of sourdough bread    * Butter for the toast    * HOLLANDAISE DRESSING    * 30 mls white vinegar    * 5 black peppercorns    * 1 bay leaf    * 2 egg yolks    * 150 mls of melted butter    * 2 tsp freshly... read full article


Eggs Florentine

What a great recipe and looks delicious. I will have to cook this for my student mates. Would go down a treat.


Eggs Florentine

Sounds divine. I'll have to teach someone how to make it for me. It will taste better that way.


Eggs Florentine

Wow.. this is how breakfasts are supposed to be.. Starting your day with this.. and ur in heaven ... :) Yummmm.. can't wait to try this


Eggs Florentine

sounds yummy and healthy. I eat about 10 eggs a day as I train a lot and i usually just down the eggs either scrambled or boiled - this seems a much better way to get my nutrition. Eggs are the best


Eggs Florentine

This looks absolutely amazing! Usually I would just have a fried egg on buttery toast, but now maybe I should treat myself to this! Ive always wanted to make my own hollandaise sauce! The recipe looks divine! Spinach, bacon, eggs, holandaise sauce and fresh crusty bread all in one! What more could you ask for? mmmmmmmmmm


Eggs Florentine

Small adjustment: remove the spinach and we'll call it Eggs Benedict. Yum!


Eggs Florentine

Poached eggs are bloody hard to get right. It makes a difference if you buy the specialised "Poaching eggs" that they've just started stocking at the supermarket.


Eggs Florentine

this is a fantastic snack and a great twist to it if you love a bit of heat is to sprinkle some chilli flakes over,...great with a milkshake too.


Eggs Florentine

so this is my partners FAV dish! will eat it for breaky & dinner! but heres the thing... if i mess up the poached egg he tells me EVERYTHING that i did wrong to ruin it - but guess who has never ever poached an egg in his life!! if only he could do it then for once i might get it cooked for me!


Eggs Florentine

oh this looks so good i hate it when you buy this at some cafes and they don't cook the egg like it still has white slimy bits lol, i will have to try this.

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