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Wrong. Webster's dictionary defines wrong as "the state of being mistaken or incorrect." I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong when I bet my younger sister that she could jump down an entire flight of stairs without breaking her ankle. I was wrong when I told my dad that there was no way the Denver Broncos were going to lose Super Bowl XXIV to the San Francisco 49ers. And, I was wrong when I wrote that wine was in a different league than beer.Turns out, they are both in leagues of their own.When beer lovers and advocates got wind of my previous viewpoint, they responded in a What you talking bout Willis manner. Stopping just short of taking all the... read full article


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

Love the attention grabbing lead-in..... crows. I think not. While a wine drinker myself I've got to admit to loving a cold beer once it is earned (top of mountain, hard day's physical work) and a beer I can't recommend enough to try if you're ever in Brussels is DeuS (11% alcohol or something) - - it packs a fine punch.


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

what a fantastic concept!


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

After reading the heading & then seeing what the article was about, I thought she was going to tell us that beer tasted like chicken!!

Interesting article and as a non-beer drinker I have a new appreciation that all beer doesn't taste the same.


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

Lol... I used to have a sign on the back of my car that said "I love cats, they taste like chicken" aaahhh, ok funnier after a couple drinks maybe. :-)


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

Never would have thought!


Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

Afetr a few to many beers or/and wines crow probaby does taste like chicken! lol!

Depending on the situation and atmosphere I personally believe wine and beer are like cats and dogs - both in their own league.

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