Discussing :: Drinking in a Recession

So things are rough all over. The economy is slugging us all in the breadbox, and there’s no sign of letting up. Maybe you’re jobless and can’t feed yourself or your family, and you’re considering selling one of your kids to a Hungarian slave trader. Or maybe you’ve had to stop flossing with champagne-flavored white gold strands encrusted with crushed pearl dust and gargling with mouthwash made from Genuine Orphan Tears™ (”It’s the sadness that makes it so good!”). EITHER WAY, you’re feeling the pinch, amirite? One thing is for sure: now more than ever, we could all use a drink. So what’s the... read full article


Drinking in a Recession

Why bother going out with this weather currently, wow its turned cold.


Drinking in a Recession

lol @ the house shot rounds. i've been getting into jager bombs lately, those things are the devil!


Drinking in a Recession

those lil ma & pa stores have some solid gold sometimes if your not after beer.


Drinking in a Recession

I think the secret is to do whatever you do with a lot of confidence. That'll make it seem like you are not doing anything out of the ordinary.


Drinking in a Recession

I fully agree! I now make sure I finish a bottle of wine before I head out and that bottle has to be on sale for now more than $10.00 and have an alcohol content of atleast 13% so I get as tidly as possible for as cheap as possible! haha


Drinking in a Recession

Great tips! Looks like the whiskey is coming out of the cupboard this week... the weather is miserable!! Need something to warm the belly.


Drinking in a Recession

got soo pissed on mothers day, completely forgot.. best part was mum coming home to find me and 2 friends soo pissed we couldnt find a bowl to make scrambled eggs in so we were just smashing eggs on the bench and trying to cook them with a lighter...

ROFL Classic

Yup I agree snuggle up by the fire and drink some yummy red wine for relaxation. If you must go out, just go out for some chocolate!


Drinking in a Recession

great savings tips thanks. I never leave home without my flask of rum in winter, makes great savings and a wee tipple warms u up fast while waiting for the bus


Drinking in a Recession

The article's a smidge irresponsible humourous or not. I appreciate some must drink to catatonic levels to blot out their miserable lives but honestly surely most people don't need to imitite those sad whinos in the parks? There are other ways to enjoy drinking in the recession: 1) Buy some decent wine or beer and really taste it and enjoy it. What's the point of buying cheap crap that will make you feel like you were run over by a bus and were nibbling on polyester carpet the night before? 2) Keep an eye out for nice wine that supermarkets occasionally sell at a good price. Not true that you can't get nice stuff at a decent price. 3) Brew your own beer, wine & cider. We brew our own beer, cider and currently have a syrah & voignier blend burbling away in the kitchen. Our beer is just as good as any artisian beer we've had from a microbrewery. Our cider batches turned out amazingly well last year. High alcohol content too at about 10 and 15%! I appreciate it's not instant gratification, but like the cheese ad says - good things take time. 4)Keep an eye and ear out for competions to win drinks, dinners, invitations to parties. Yeah, just like the ones here. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch. 5) Lastly, drink in moderation, it will cost less. It's just plain & simple maths.


Drinking in a Recession

I agree Daphne, Drink smaller amounts of better quality stuff. You'll save money and be healthier too.


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