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Vince Vaughn (The Break Up) and Kevin James (Paul Blart: MallCop) headline this laugh-out-loud all-star comedy from AcademyAward Winning director Ron Howard (The Da Vinci Code) about a man who finds out the Truth Can Hurt! When Ronny (Vaughn)sees the wife of best mate Nick (James) kissing another man he makes it his mission to get answers. As his investigation dissolves into comic mayhem and crazy farce, Ronny learns Nick has a few little secrets of his own! Also stars Winona Rider, Jennifer Connelly and Queen Latifa!  The Dilemma is available on Blu-ray/ DVD from 11th May 2011. Frank has three DVD's to giveaway, to be in the draw let fire... read full article


Dilemma DVD Giveaway

You should definitely follow the guy code and tell your friend but only if you are completely sure she/he is. It's never an easy conversation to have but sometimes it's the kindest thing to do. I have known a few couples over the years where a guy has ended up raising a baby thinking it's his and it's not. I think thats the cruelest thing you can do to someone so I really do think people need to be told when thier partner is cheating, then they can decide what to do after that. Better than being in a relationship thats a big lie and everyone else knowing it but you.


Haha "Bros Before Hoes"


Yes i think you should tell because if your mate found out that you knew and never said anything, it could cost you your friendship. Its a hard one though as you don't want to be the one to tell them the awful news but your friend will most likely find out anyway and get really hurt. If you dont want to say anything, mabey you are the other guy????? Certainly a Dilemma alright.


Abso-freaking-loutley!!! That's what friends are for - i'd sure hope my mates would do the same for me


Of course. I'd wanna know... wouldn't you?


oh and is this movie CGI?... They really went to town on the Photoshop airbrushing for that DVD cover. Beowulf looked more real. Haha


The person being cheated on needs to be told straight away, the longer the duration that they are kept in the dark the greater the pain in the end.


oh yeah the guy code should be followed as a true friend should be true with no secrets, A friend is more important in some things than a partner. A friend in need is a friend in deed!!!


Follow the “guy code”. Tell your mate if he is being cheated on. No good having a lying cheating partner who is only using you.


depends on whom she is cheating with like if it is the guy then I don't think it would be adviseable

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