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Emanating from the street, with power and energy, surprise and strength comes Diesel’s new male fragrance, ‘Only The Brave’. Prefect for the man who thrives on uncertainty and adventure, this fragrance plays to the moods of power and virility with leather, styrax and labdanum resulting in a scent both commanding and well rounded.  And in creating a scent that represents this man, Diesel is collaborating with Grammy-winning American hip-hop artist and actor Common. Common’s hip-hip song “The 6th Sense” could be an anthem for the fragrance, exploring what motivates and challenges a man just as the artist behind it... read full article


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand... ROCKS! So it does... so it does.. :)

Good to see Newtown getting it's props. Why else would you come to NZ?


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand - Why Not?


Diesel Only The Brave

Just like Lord of the Rings. Most Overseas people refer to Lord of the Rings when they talk about NZ


Diesel Only The Brave



Diesel Only The Brave

My favourite is the "New Zealand - It's not going anywhere!!" poster.


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand - Ewe Should come.. A little bit of sheep humour there! Ewe know it!


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand. Come visit us down underer.


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand - Come visit us down underer!!! Classic!..!


Diesel Only The Brave

"Why Not'. It says it all, and leaves it wide open for a response. The best by far of what is there, and is the most universal appealing to all market segments, young and old.


Diesel Only The Brave

New Zealand .. Ewe should come ... shows our beautiful scenery with a sense of kiwi humor re the number of sheep here

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