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Every so often, you have one of those truly magical occasions where life is absolute perfect bliss, I had one of those occasions recently. It had a lot to do with Waiheke resort Delamore Lodge and the other half had to do with a helicopter ride, some pretty serious diamonds and a certain question that us girls spend half our lives wanting to hear. You see with Getfrank, the boy usually writes the reviews and it’s all from a man’s perspective. However this particular one needs to be from the girl. Delamore Lodge is something completely out of the box and is where myboy chose to ask this particular girl to marry him. The engagement itself was... read full article


Delamore Lodge & Diamonds

My heart nearly stopped when you said you almost didn't eat a bite of the dinner. Glad you had a change of heart. Sounds like the most extraordinary place! Will go there when I'm rich and famous.


Creammmmmming myself! Oooooooh my gosh!!! Does anyone want to take me Delamore Lodge and marry me!


WOah!!! Lucky for some!! This would be THE ultimate Valentines Day pressie...i'm storing it away for next year


meetings, conferences and weddings....do they do Rugby trips? My team are looking for a place to go for our end of season trip. 20-25 "rough diamond" rugby boys on the lash for the weekend away from our wives, kids and responsilibities, the Delamore Lodge ticks all the boxes (booze, food and pool)!!!!!!!!!


Since Alanis Morrisette don't get married there because "It's like rain on your wedding day". wouldn't that be ironic?


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