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Herald on Juries. The Herald editorial: It was once something of a common fallacy that juries got to hear every piece of evidence before reaching their verdict. Now, in increasingly startling circumstances, we know that routinely they do not. What they hear is the product of pre-trial hearings as the prosecution and the defence seek to tilt the balance of the pending courtroom proceedings in their favour. What jurors are told, and what they are not, can have a strong influence on their thinking. In that light, it is relatively unsurprising that two juries considering the case of David Bain arrived at different conclusions. And when material withheld... read full article


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

I am glad he got off because i knew he was inocent!!!!! The poor guy looks so old from all the stress hes been under.

You must be kidding. You did not know he was innocent. Reasonable doubt is not innocence. He deserves to look aged and stressed for doing what he did. Read the case details and spare us your incredible ignorance


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

I don't believe people should speculate anymore as to his guilt or innocence. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers and that should be fully accepted by the general public as a done deal, otherwise we stand in judgment of our legal system and that can only lead to anarchy and chaos down the line as we grow ever more suspect of the powers that govern us. In other words, justice was done - He served time and now he has been freed. Case closed!

Unbelievable comment. Do you not realize that legal systems and government need constant scrutiny and assessment, to prevent abuse to the people? Do you think we should just stand back and trust government and the system in blind faith, even if we believe injustice has happened? These systems need constant examination. And your entire point is a contradiction anyway.... By your analysis David should have accepted his original verdict in 1995 and never appealed because it could lead to chaos in society to challenge the system....come ooooon!!!!!


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

i fully stand by him 100percent and am so happy he has been found innocent

He was not found "innocent" he was found not guilty; huge difference.

You may have to explain why u think he was innocent. Cos he is actually a psychopath. Sorry luv kitten but I think you need to read the details and educate yourself. Your name makes you sound like you watch kardashians and e channel sorry.


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

Trial was a waste of taxpayers money and I'm not 100% sure if he's innocent or guilty but I would sleep with one eye open and the bedroom door locked if he was even remotely close to my house. One thing I do know I loved the jokes... Breaking News ***David Bain has just replaced Adam Thompson in the All Blacks squad. Reports from the AB's camp is that he's very slow but he can leave the first 5 for dead*** Joe Karam is the most nervous man in NZ. David Bain has revealed that Joe is like a father to him.


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

The re- Trial was complete waste of time. NZ Justice has turned into putting doubt in the jurors mind in order to get defendants off. The Chris Kahui case is another example. He's not guilty but would you let him babysit your kids? Looks like Nai Yin Xue is trying to discredit his wife. Sure she made have been "having a affair" or married him in order to stay in NZ and I don't think getting strangled and leaving your own kid in OZ is fair revenge. Bain has served his time, let's just let him get on with the rest of his life.


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

Oh my god... are some of the people above completely crazy, beyond misinformed or just utterly naive? EarlyRiser doesn't think the country should discuss the case anymore? We're talking about NZ's most famous criminal case... where a good part of the country believe/know a major injustice occurred. Ironic that it is those 'sure' of his innocence who really don't like to hear evidence and talk to the contrary. David Bain is guilty and in this case, a flamboyant defence team and an overwhelmed jury were his greatest allies. They added just enough confusion to the Prosecution's overwhelming evidential proof that a murderer of five people was allowed to walk free. Whether or not he should have gone back to jail, is irrelevant to me. What I find the most frustrating thing is the way he has been given almost rockstar status by his rather crazed supporters (including his jury fans/partygoers). Bain's supporters for the most part didn't know him before the murders. They didn't read or care to read the facts. They were instead bamboozled by Joe Karem's inane ravings. Sad day for the NZ justice system. We have courts keeping relevant evidence from jurors. We have jurors partying with defendents. We have 12wks of complicated evidence pretty much ignored by the now overwhelmed and shocked jury - who decide in 5hrs what should have taken 2 days. The only good thing to come out is the MASS of great David Bain jokes, which I'd love to post here.. but best not!!

Hi Kim, I suggest you read some of the books on the case and you might change your mind (like I did) on the whole episode. Even if you just finger through the books looking at the phots you might start to wonder about aspects of the trail. For example why was blood found on Robin Bains finger -points more to him being the killer of all. It was a shame that this sample was destroyed. Modern day analysis may have found whose blood (eg one of the brothers) clearly implicating him in the killings.

The evidence from the computer expert and a nurse who worked next door provides a clear alibi. He did not arrive in the house till after the computer was turned on so it can't have been him.

In terms of comments about David Bain himself. He was a keen runner who sung in school and university productions and acted in plays. Looked to be a bit of whimp if anything not sure where the label of a monster comes from that

The guy responded to Kim above here. You provided the only evidence that could possibly raise a little bit of doubt. That is overwhelmingly meek compared to the evidence against David...spare people the 'you should read the book' crap. The evidence objectively stated is the way to understand it not a book which can influence unduly depending on their preference


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

Like many of the people above, I agree that David Bain has had his trial, and while there is a lot still that will emerge from this mess, he himself deserves to be left alone. He has paid the price our society expects of him irrespective. My concern is over the fact which has emerged that the Supreme Court decides on what evidence the Jury will hear! I wonder if many people knew this before? To me, how can you ever have real justice, if another part of the system is pre-judging what is presented as evidence? Is this what happens also if you took a case to the House of Lords? I think its most unlikely. Therefore, is there justification for a call to the new Government to reverse the in-house decision taken by Labour, to disconnect us from this final Court of decision making? Have we just shown how we cannot be trusted to run our own legal system at the very top end at least?


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

The man has been release,this is case closed!


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

I argee with EarlyRiser. Bain was indeed a troubled individual however he we was found not guilty and to question this is to question our legal system.


David Bain Trial, was Justice truly served?

I would say the prosecution did a poor job of vetting the jurors based on their response to Bain being found not guilty (whoops and hollas anyone). at the end of the day, i personally have a hard time believing he is innocent. However, i doubt very much that he is a danger to anyone. I am just sick to death of the media coverage grrrrr

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