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Crowded Elevator is the brain child of Carl Thompson, a man with the vision to create quality clothing that’s unique. A brand new take on funky streetwear, Crowded Elevator is young, bright and full of energy. The collections started with distinctively cut tees with neon bright, eclectic graphics and catchy slogans in retro fonts, but now include hoodies, a wider range of fabrics and a selection of new style singlets. Eventually the label will expand into jeans, shorts, pants, dresses and skirts… And after a stellar show at Air New Zealand's Fashion Week 2008 (below), the only place this label is going, is up! Crowded Elevator have just... read full article


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The message Its like a jungle sometimes.. [video]k3kRuJhIVIo[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Lovely Day - Donovan Frankenreiter Fresh funk, give you that kick in your step! [video]Zd0Kzig5P_Y[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

"Have a Nice Day" The Stereophonics. It's one of those summer songs that seems to pick you up!!


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

When the levee breaks - A Perfect Circle [video]df3xWMBSdx0[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Wanna get some laugh's check out "ELEVATOR HOPPER" by KID KOALA - Would love to hear it in a elevator! Song preview: http://www.last.fm/music/Kid+Koala/_/Elevator+Hopper


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Hmmm I've always thought "wake me up before you go go" turned into elevator language would be the best one. It's just so catchy! [video]Hksil-KkebQ[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

great upbeat song! [video]wPf3OUE8lBs[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Rage Against the Machine...or anything really as we dont have elevator music only mirrors...weird!!


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

Jose Gonzalez cover of Heartbeats by the Knife. made a good song great [video]s4_4abCWw-w[/video]


Crowded Elevator NZ tees

the girl from ipanema by astrud gilberto. like elevator music, but cool! [video]p5Z11obllEQ[/video]


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