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The Press publishes this very useful article from Eric Crampton: read full article


Crampton on smoking costs

Precisely - we are told that the Ministry of Health is the impartial figure and that their statistics are the last word in correct and clinical figures - however it is never mentioned that they are as involved - if not more so (nothing like a zealots passion) then the tobacco lobbyists. Really - in terms of taxes we are one of the largest groups pre-paying our future healthcare - and thats assuming that we linger - a lot of us filthy smokers have a bad habit of just dropping dead without too much fuss or warning!


Crampton on smoking costs

I'm guessing with all the tax I pay and will continue to pay for smoking will get me private health care with five star dining, sky sports and a supermodel nurse called Blowjob Betty?


Crampton on smoking costs

Pall Mall Baselines FTW.


Crampton on smoking costs

hahahaha that is so true BOGAN *above*.... I think all those stats are a load of BS and no one can really work out what would happen, or how much would be saved etc etc.. if tobacco never existed. I would hate to think in the future then for those that still sell underground and those that still buy will most probably be arrested or sent to jail or worse and treated like a real criminal... I don't know how they are going to justify the rules and how they plan to phase it out. I'm kind of all for it.. but I also know that its highly unlikely that they are going to succeed at it... ps: im a filthy smoker too lmao!


Crampton on smoking costs

Does it really matter what the figure is. Fact is all taxpayers are paying for the health costs of smoking, if you are a smoker or not. Doesn't it just matter that there are so many health benefits (including decreased healthcare costs) to giving up smoking. $350 million. $1.9 billion. Whatever. You can't put a price on life.

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