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It’s 1873 when gunslinger Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) awakens in the Arizona desert with no memoryof his past and a mysterious metal shackle encircling his wrist. Stumbling into the nearby town of Absolution, Lonergan discovers a tightly closed community that takes its orders from the iron-fistedColonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) — and Dolarhyde has a bone to pick with Lonergan. But the colonel’s influence wanes when the desolate city is attacked by monsters that drop from the sky with blinding force and abduct the helpless townsfolk one by one. As Lonergan’s memoryslowly returns, he realizes he holds a secret that could give... read full article


Cowboys and Aliens Giveaway

Never got to see this one at the movies, couple of good actors. Yes count me in.

I definitely consider this the best prize this week. Keeping my fingers, toes & other bits crossed for the draw!

An alien walks into a bar and sits next to a drunk guy and begins poking him in the shoulder. The drunk guy just ignores him.
After a while the guy turns to the alien and begins looking him up and down.
He notices that the alien has no genitalia.
He then asks "You guys have no genitalia, how do you guy have sex?"
The alien, still poking him in the arm, just smiles!


Daniel Craig AND Harrison Ford... definitely caught my interest!


This movie looked awesome on the trailers, I just never had the money to watch them at the movies

oh and count me in please


Oooh, blue is my favourite colour.


yep i would love to win


Love to win this.

I know, right?


Could be worth seeing... bluray makes almost anything look good!


Count me in please!


count me in too please


would love to watch this on dvd over xmas

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