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Couples Retreat on DVD

A man whose rainbows are in every day quirkiness.


Couples Retreat on DVD

Wish I was the 1 doing the interview!! He's sooo cool!!


Couples Retreat on DVD

Best advice? Surround yourself with great people.


Couples Retreat on DVD

I don't know. I liked the fact that Vince is just a even-level guy. That kind of person appeals to me. . vince is that kind of guy yet I guess he's got kind of a wild streak in him because he is so hot and quirky.


Couples Retreat on DVD

I wouldn't mind going to that island with Vince!!!!


Couples Retreat on DVD

you know what you get with VV movies


Couples Retreat on DVD

it is so true if you surround yourself with talented people it does elevate you, he is wise and talented


Couples Retreat on DVD

I agree with surrounding yourself with talented people. When you can work well with the people you are surrounded with you can shoot for the stars.

Vince Vaughn just keeps getting better.


Couples Retreat on DVD

I think Vince's last comment says it all about making a funny movie or tv show, "But it's also true that sometimes what you haven't planned ends up being the funniest thing of all!!" Sometimes overtiming and over analysing a funny scene or line doesn't end up being funny at all. How often do you see that on a bad comedy.


Couples Retreat on DVD

I like the guy, I'm glad he's found happiness! Great actor, great guy!


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