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Couple disagreements are normal

confrontation works the best. no point beating around the bush ignoring what's going on (or not going on). I have found a bit of disagreement works wonders for the relationship. it shows that you are firm in your beliefs yet willing to compromise for the better.


Couple disagreements are normal

Of course it's just normal. Despite the marriage your still two individual people with different views and beliefs. That's what makes marriage interesting. I think I would be bored if my husband and I will just agree on everything. What matter is on how you deal with the disagreement.


Couple disagreements are normal

Having different religious beliefs can also be a component in relationship disagreements.


Couple disagreements are normal

Thank the lord it means me and my beau are normal!


Couple disagreements are normal

I feel better about our continued fighting already.. and there is always the make up sex!


Couple disagreements are normal

My wife and I avoid petty arguments and bickering by basing our relationship on a foundation of total equality and fairness (she instructed me to say that).


Couple disagreements are normal

My gf and I have our disagreements but it makes life interesting. It's never serious and usually one of us learns something useful.

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