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"What do you mean does our relationship have a future? We've got a date next week haven't we?" Commitment can be a spiky word in relationships. Some people seek it as a goal in it's own right. Others back away from it as if it bites. If you and your partner have different ideas about commitment you might find yourselves standing on shaky ground.You might feel swamped or constrained by commitment. On the other hand, you might feel exposed and vulnerable without it. Your reaction probably depends on what you mean by commitment, and just as importantly, what you imagine your partner means.For you commitment might be the foundation that makes it... read full article


Contemplating Commitment

I have a dear friend, who has come all the way from England and our friendship has got strong and getting to know each other better,should I win the trip on Fullers boat, this could be the start of some thing new and intresting to build on.


Contemplating Commitment

After spending a few years in a long term relationship it is a relief to get out of the routine and lack of spontaneity that comes with commitment of that time period. However, a few months on it becomes apparent that while it seems the relationship was doomed perhaps there was a way out of the mundane routine, simply by spicing things up and talking through it. Its such a waste to ruin such a fun relationship by deciding on a whim. You dont value what you have until its gone. Dont let them scare you with commitment - just talk through it and decide fair boundaries.


Contemplating Commitment

Commitment phobia - some of us have it, others don't. But whatever it might be, just be open about it. The last thing you want in a true relationship is tension.


Contemplating Commitment

I've been in a long distance relationship for a few years now, and if anything it just solidifies our commitment to each other. It's hard when the two people are on different wavelengths in regards to commitment, but this is where honest communication comes in. Talk to the other person and you may be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be to make compromises.


Contemplating Commitment

Both parties need to keep open and honest communication with each other. One should never be afraid of commitment by any means.

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