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"Spend more time listening to what we have to say. Then we'll spend more time listening to you." These words from a teenager highlight what a hot issue communication can be for parents and their teenage children. There are common complaints on both sides. For instance, many parents complain their teenagers are noisy, rude, untidy and inconsiderate -- they talk on the phone for hours, eat all the food in the house and refuse to discuss things even when they're given the chance.In the same way, many teenagers complain that their parents are always telling them off and saying they never did such-and-such when they were young. They hate it when their... read full article


Communicating With Teenagers



Communicating With Teenagers

The worst thing is when parents try to force them to walk and they don't want to because it tends to make them angry sometimes and cause an argument because they "talk to them like crap" when really it's just a defense to something they don't want to do.


Communicating With Teenagers

Trying to remember what I was like to comunicate with at that age. . . . Good god I feel sorry for my parents know!


Communicating With Teenagers

What teenager wants to communicate properly.... it dramatically increases the chance of your parents finding out what your really up to.


Communicating With Teenagers

As teenagers are trying to find themselves, they may deviate from the perceived norm. To make this essential process a lot easier, it takes a lot of empathy and understanding, and over all, trust.


Communicating With Teenagers

When it coems to communicating with teenagers, the most important thing is to talk to them at their level so they will understand.... Use lots of phrases like "yo" and "wicked" and "awesome"...mixed in with grunts, scowls and shoulder shrugs... EG: DON'T just say "Billy, will you please clean your room because we have guests coming for dinner and it would be nice to make a good impression"... DO SAY: "Yo wassup Bill-meister my little homeboy, howza bout you do a quick tidy up of yo' pad cos we have some important dudes coming for a feed and we wanna get some respect yo." Trust me, will work every time...


Communicating With Teenagers

this is why condoms are were such a great invention :p

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