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Today we're featuring artists you haven't seen in a while and genres you haven't seen in decades. There are bands who've been around a while, and those that haven't been around at all. Free downloads, David Lynch and gods posing as artists, or is it the other way around? These are the latest releases from New Zealand and around the world.   Moby - Shot in the Back of the Head (Dir: David Lynch) Apparently, Moby sent the Mulholland Drive director this song and said he could do whatever he wanted to for the video, so Lynch drew some dark (what else were you expecting?) animations and here we have the first music video for... read full article


Comebacks and Throwbacks

David Lynch is fkn classic man, that Biff Merchants track is epic as well! [video]F4wh_mc8hRE[/video]


Comebacks and Throwbacks

Am loving some of the tracks on the Real Groove free download, cheers.


Comebacks and Throwbacks

I love U2 but the godlike way they are portrayed in that video is a bit funny.


Comebacks and Throwbacks

Awesome great bands and thank you for the free download!


Comebacks and Throwbacks

You can tell you may not be YOUNG when someone only 10 years younger looks at your favourite playlist on your new (only 3 weeks old) iPOD and goes who are these artists (Talking Heads, Dire Straits, Herbie Hancock, Doors, Enya, Clannard, Enigma, to mention a few) and they are what you consider CURRENT. Then you show them the mixed tape and the Walkman you used to player it on, and they look at you as if you are from another planet.


Comebacks and Throwbacks

That La Roux track is Excellent. I love it (bring back the 80's). I have spent all parenting years saving my three now teenage kids from there mothers 50's music tastes. I have succeded - they now listen to Metallica when they want something light, and when they want heavy? well....


Comebacks and Throwbacks

Here I was thinking Moby was dead.

Judging by his new song he's certainly heading that way.


Comebacks and Throwbacks

I just got Sun Giant from Fleet Foxes. Man that's a great album. Cheers. [video]saatZlEKOMM[/video]


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