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I like Colds - Perfect excuse to "Stay at home" from work. So i can exercise my Xbox.



I was always told that drinking tea would help me get better, turns out that was another tall tail from the olds...



just can't stand people with colds sneezing in public places. hate running nose...gross! but i guess, its far more better the coughing with a thunderous sound. rest, water, honey and lemon are are best defense to this sickness.



Got this sorted.. 1st stop off, the chemist for "Some Harden the F**k pills". It's a cold.. Cover your mouth when you sneeze, wipe you nose with your sleeve!!



I like to go to work and share my cold with my workmates. I like to save my sick leave for times when I'm not sic.



Had the man flu the other day and was on death's door. got no bloody sympathy from the girlfiend!

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