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Buying clothes online has huge advantages; you can shop in your pjs, get designer clothing no matter where you live, have access to a vast range of items, purchases are delivered to your door and internet stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  But unless you are savvy, shopping on the net can prove costly, time consuming and impersonal. Get Frank gives you some tips to bear in mind when buying the latest duds online… MEASURE UPEvery clothing company has slightly different sizing, so you need to measure yourself all over to ensure the perfect fit.  Every last bit of you needs to be sized up – chest/bust, waist,... read full article


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Good tips. Really like the measure up and returns bit.


i am addicted to online shopping... i dont think i have bought anything from a retail clothing store in a very long time....


In store shopping is the best, customer service, contributing to our economy, paying tax in NZ & keeping more people in jobs. If anyone you know can't get a job in retail or wholesale ,or owns a building they can't find a tenant for, or is losing their job or their livelyhood, it's due in some part to online shopping. It's the way economies work, when we send all our business offshore we shoot ourselves in the foot


The measure up bit, is the only drawback in online shopping. Have had experiences in the past that even when i have measured myself prior to buying have had size issues. Different lines from the same place, even different styles of the same things seem to sometimes vary greatly. Definitely endorse checking the returns always amazinv how inflexible some of these crowds are!


Agree with the measuring being an issue. I once bought some shoes online and they didn't quite fit. Some things, like shoes, are best fitted instore - unless you already have the same shoe model and size. Other than that - I reckon all clothing has a decent chance of being sold online if good measurements are given.


there's nothing compared to going to the mall and shop till you drop. my wife loves it! she does my shopping so i don't really need to do on-line shopping. but thanks for the tips. i'll pass this to a friend who like me, his wife does the shopping. but unfortunately, his wife left him and he doesn't know a thing on shopping. this is a good start....hey, i think i should re-read these tips again....just in case...but i know my wife loves me!


I can't be trusted when it comes to measuring myself, dudes. I always exaggerate.


Shopping online...hmmm well I've lost alot lately from buying the wrong sizes! you really do have try the clothes on - the only person who can shop online is those who have the perfect body shape to fit the perfect size! and also alot of brands sizing is so different, you may be one size with one brand and a size up or down with another. Alot of the places you buy online don't have a return policy so your stuck with the goods! There are some great bargains online and also the fact that you can do it from home and have it delivered is great. It just all comes down to the sizing issue!


Good article - I've only bought a few things online. Few learning’s I've had: - The US products (especially sportswear and trainers) are much cheaper and if you're buying a number of things can make the shipping worthwhile - UK companies seem to be more likely to offer free shipping to NZ - For work shirts, the colours are often a little bit lighter in reality than they look online. But once you’ve had a shirt from a company and are aware of this, the fashion world is your oyster.


Is there any difference between US and UK sizing from anyone's experience? The reason I ask is that I am a big fan of finding unique tee shirts froom the likes of threadless and bigcartel, but have been cautious of which size to buy.

Hey Cory, the measurements at Threadless are pretty accurate. I just bought some t-s and a sweatshirt and they all fit fine. This may not be an issue for you, but the girls t-s are pretty thin. :)


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