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Special Note: First, a few comments about the way in which "Clash of the Titans" is being showcased for theatrical distribution. Envisioned and filmed in regular two dimensions, the film has gone through a hasty 3-D conversion process in the span of a few weeks just so Warner Bros. Pictures can ride on the coattails of a new, increasingly tedious fad and earn extra bucks off a big-budget turkey they otherwise have no faith in (and for good reason). If a film is to come along that might just create a backlash against 3-D, it could very well be this one. Simply put, the 3-D is utterly and incomparably worthless. Depth-of-field is almost nonexistent to the point... read full article


Clash of the Titans

I saw the 2D version of Clash of the Titans and thought it was ok. Not great but wasn't bad as I am easy to please.


Clash of the Titans

Smaverage. Sam Worthington should stick to being an Australian, not an actor..


Clash of the Titans

I enjoyed myself, particularly after they released the Kraken.


Clash of the Titans

I was really disappointed with the ending. It was quite a good movie and had a big buildup to the final fight but then it was over really fast and wasn't as good as you'd expect.


Clash of the Titans

Will be heading down to the dvd shop to rent this one sounds okay but if I went by the comments above a few people weren't too impressed.


Clash of the Titans

I didnt really think this movie was that great, especially after Avatar where Sam Worthington did an AWESOME job. So then i automactically thought that this one was gonna be epic - but it wasnt really thaaat amazing. Still pleased i saw it though, saw it in 2D, maybe seeing it in 3D would have made it a lot better. I loved how in the previews of the movie they really exagerated "The bird and the worm" by the used!!! I LOVE that song...but then in the movie...ofcourse it wasnt as exagerated and loud and awesome. Ild give it maybe 2 stars?


An old story plot but a goodie, back when Gods & Titans ruled the Earth and Heavens. Another great Liam Neeson & Sam Worthington movie.

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