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The old saying goes, when the USA Car Makers sneeze, the whole world catches a cold. Is this a bigger event than Swine flu? Will they still keep making the Mafia Squad car? Possibly one of the most innovative cars from Chicago in some years! I certainly hope so. A Fiat Bambina with a Chrylser badge on it just is not the same thing somehow! Chrysler, battered for the past two years by disappearing global auto sales and the credit crisis -- filed for bankruptcy overnight and announced an industry-changing deal with Fiat after talks to restructure its debt broke down. Despite weeks of intense negotiations, Chrysler failed to gain the full support from its... read full article


Chrysler, a bad case of flu

Interesting if not inevitable result. These guys have had years to wake up their ideas. Dump the corporate jets, the multi million dollar share bonuses to the top dogs. Make the tough decisions they were some excessively paid for. Recognise that the days of the tank American car really ended in the 90's, and tackled the Japanese and Korean competition head on. The American buyers are pretty loyal to American made. So the Chicago bunch have been able to struggle on because their customers still buy their Brands in preference to an "import". Be fascinating to see what Fiat will do here! That is,if they have not now got too carried away with take-overs themselves and fall on their faces!! Chrylser, Saab and who else?


Chrysler, a bad case of flu

The US carmakers need to wake up, they are stuck in the past and have not advanced their technology to provide safer, cleaner cars for the environments and now they are paying for their greed.


Chrysler, a bad case of flu

You are both right, living in a fools paradise! But the exciting thing is, there is some amazing new technology in the pipeline, especially in electric powered cars. Light, fast, rechargeable even as you sit at traffic lights. Secrecy forbids me to say more just yet!


Chrysler, a bad case of flu

Well if this is one of the turning points, I am not hearing the screech of tyres yet sadly! One can only watch and hope. But certainly, this whole mess does give the world the chance to shake off some of the worst excesses that had got into big business and government too for that matter. One can only hope that we see less executive jets, crazy high prices in company buy-outs, and borrow-and-hope policies. We will all be better off through lower prices!

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