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It’s time. The decorations are up in the malls, carols are playing in the supermarkets, the advertisements are all over the telly.  There is no escaping the fact Christmas is almost upon us, and you still haven’t purchased a gift for the woman in your life. You haven’t. We know you. Luckily Frank is here to help, with pointers on how to shop for your gal and 5 things you should under no circumstances get her. Buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend can represent one of the most treacherous transactions in a man’s life. In the early stages of your relationship she might have thought the wilting flowers and chocolate bar you... read full article


Christmas shopping for your woman

I learnt in the first year of marriage to pay attention all year round! When I had asked my wife what she would like for christmas (tip 1 - never ask!) she was offended and said that all year she had hinted at various things while we had been out and about! I vaguely recalled her saying "ooh thats a nice hand bag", or "That perfume smells divine" (tip 2 - sneak away later on and purchase it, keep for Valentines day, birthday, Christmas, Easter, any time you want to get in the good books!)But I had never realised it was a hint. Tip 3 - chocs & flowers are out. Jewellery and handbags are in!


Christmas shopping for your woman

So...wait a minute...you're saying my wife WON'T like the Subway Gift Card, cricket bat, Zumba DVD, sweatshirt and dustbuster??? DAMN. I've already wrapped them up in newspaper and put them under the plastic tree ready for Christmas Day too!!!! This is all good information to know though, even if it means making the commitment to go out and spend an additional 3-5 minutes on gift selection instead of the usual 2 minutes... PS) One additional pointer, in case any of you guys were thinking along the same lines as me...and I suspect it may have crossed many of your minds as it did mine...it may seem like a good idea at the time, but DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get your woman a Bushmaster 12" Survival Knife with Titanium Blade and Compass. Despite the apparently logical thinking that she would benefit from having a bigger blade for chopping onions as well as a great knife in case she ever decides to take up pig hunting or tramping...she will most likely never even take it out of the box and will store it away with your RISK board game and tennis racket....never again to see the light of day. My wife hasn't even used hers once, not even for peeling carrots! Trust me, I know it sounds hard to believe, but don't do it, get her something else, she simply won't appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Christmas shopping for your woman

I've found a fail proof way for getting what I want. I buy it and then tell him how much he owes me. It works for us!

Lol, good plan. Only if I did that I would probably still have the last 4 Xmas's ticked up. Hmmmmm, actually that might just work...


Christmas shopping for your woman

If you're really close and kind of similar, there might be the perfect gift for both to enjoy..


Christmas shopping for your woman

The best advice is to listen to your partner, you have to pay attention to what subtle hints she gives, espeacially the months leading up to the occaision. They don't necessarily want exspensive gifts if you just listen properly although dont go and get them the cheapest brand of winerack at K-MART. Its the thought that counts for 85% of gifts to partners! And you will both know if you listened and got her what she hinted all those months ago, she will treat you like a king in bed. Its that simple guys!


Christmas shopping for your woman

the best gift i think a man could give his wife is an IOU book he could make up himself. and each voucher can have something she could redeem from you. for example you could have 'iou one back rub', 'iou one day off all housework', iou one night without cooking, iou 2 hours of quiet time away from me and the kids, iou one bedroom wish ;) etc. be creative guys and think of things your partner would love u to do for a change.


Christmas shopping for your woman

Ahaah my mum received a hand held vacuum cleaner to. Whats wrong with these men Mum said dad was just always to piratical.


Christmas shopping for your woman

I hope you all made sucessful purchases


Christmas shopping for your woman

There is something every woman wants more than anything else: and that's TIME. Exclusive and meaningful, time alone with her man. So if you are struggling to find 'the perfect gift' try this instead. Get a fancy card, in it write your promise of spending the day with her - but do it in a contract format so it's meaningful and she will know it's binding. eg... I (your name) do solomely promise that on this day (date) I will devote my time exclusively to my (partner) Ms ( partner's name.) sincerely ( sign it) Note** This must be upheld....or you will be in the doghouse for ever!


Christmas shopping for your woman

I will never forget the robin hood toy I got years ago by my man at the time. He spent approximately 10 minutes showing me excitedly how it shot arrows. Then I spent approximately 20 minutes explaining to him what he could do with it. Needless to say the relationship was doomed, and when it came to dividing up the assets, the toy was tossed in his pile. Much to his delight no doubt.


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