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  Not a dessert! This is a really basic recipe that gives a decent base for tacos.  The chocolate was experimental but worked well.  It is added at the end of the cooking process - like you might do with a knob of butter - to give the sauce a nice richness and to ever so slightly sweeten the meat; just enough to create a little bit of interest on the tongue.  I think it tasted great. One thing that I tried to do in this recipe is make sure that even though the recipe is simple, you try to get the most flavour out of what you have.  This means pre-browning the meat separately to caramelise it nicely (chucking it in with the veg to cook... read full article


Chocolate Tacos

Interesting combination, cumin and chocolate.


Chocolate Tacos

looks a little risque but I think I'm going to try this out.


Chocolate Tacos

damn, chocolate tacos? thats just plain wrong!


Chocolate Tacos

sounds very strange to me,don't think i'll ever try it,and i'm a real foody.


Chocolate Tacos

chocolate in taco mixture that is unusual sounds disgusting i would never try that it would ruin the tacos.


Chocolate Tacos

Chocolate being from latin america is actually used a lot in cooking. Mole (pronounced moll-eh) is a regional dish of I think Southern Mexico, and is basically a spicy sauce containing up to 20 different ingredients, one of which is chocolate. For a simple way to get an idea of how it might taste, whip up a batch of spicy chili con carne and melt a couple of squares of Dark Ghana chocolate in there. Better than you might think.


Chocolate Tacos

The Greggs Cook Freestyle website takes the same approach of adding unusual ingredients ad hoc to make new and surprising dishes. I may give the chocolate a go with my next mince dish to see if it offers a similar experience.


Chocolate Tacos

I'm a vege, so minus the meat this sounds like an interesting mix to add with my beans! I'll give it a go with an open mind...


Chocolate Tacos

Don't know about this recipe. Chocolate & meat sounds a strange combination.


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