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How to make Chocolate and strawberry cake IngredientsSponge cake:    4 eggs, yolks and whites separated    200 grams of caster sugar    70 grams of wheat flour    70 grams of potato starch    2 tablespoons of cocoa powderCream:    400 grams of  mascarpone    200 ml of heavy cream, whipped    1/2 cup of sugarStrawberry mouse:    200 grams of strawberries    4 tablespoons of sugarStrawberries layer:    500 grams of strawberries, slicedPunch:    6 tablespoons of black... read full article


Chocolate and strawberry cake

would love my wife to bake this for me to eat hahaha...having fruits in cakes must be healthy so i can eat a lot without the guilt. hope the recipe is for keeps...if my wife bakes it right...she is known for disaster baking, at times. yet, love her!


sweet can't wait until there is some fresh strawberries in the garden to make this with. mmm nothing beats them fresh


my god this looks devine!!! maybe I could make it...or maybe not as my partner would devour the entire thing! your recipes rock!


like a deconstructed and reconstructed yummy trifle for those that use to cringe when their mum served her "special" trifle every Christmas :)


Not sure where you purchase potato starch but will be getting the missus to have a look because although i'm not partial to chocolate cake this looks devine. in fact i am drooling all over the keyboard !


Looks like slightly more effort than your average cake, but then again looks like it would be well worth the effort... Thanks for another new idea to try sometime.


looks like my kind of cake (anything chocolate-y is basically it!)... if only making it is as simple though... why hasnt anyone invented a cake-making machine where all you need to do is throw in the ingredients and x minutes later you get a mouth watering cake coming out the other end??!?


This looks awesome but if you are a massive chocolate fan you have to try this recipe for the Best Ever Mud Cake. It used to be online and has disappeared but I found a cached version here: http://web.archive.org/web/20090207100612/http://hubpages.com/hub/Best-Ever-Mud-Cake-Recipe I have tried this twice and trust me when I say it is definitely worth the effort! You can see how it won awards... divine.


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