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Getfrank has five copies of this stellar DVD - Charlie Wilson's War, to give away to get your hands on one list below a politician you enjoy seeing in action. "a fantastic entertaining watch which captures the viewer within minutes"Check out the full DVD Review here>> & The exclusive interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman here>>    read full article


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

I have to say I enjoyed watching Senator Clinton as she managed to blow what was thought to be her election


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

You have to give it to Winton Peters he keeps thing interesting on the home front


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Dennis Kucinich for impeaching Bush! For all the piss we take of Bush, there is at least one American politician who is serious about GETTING HIM OUT; our man, Dennis Kucinich. Watch him introduce the first of 35 articles of impeachment against the current President. Boring, yes, but SERIOUS =D [video]4nSA472_nKM[/video]


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Sue Kedgley Because I think she is honest and knows what she is talking about.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Trevor Mallard - he demonstrates that bullying is not just for the schoolyard


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Winston Peters he just like a energizer battery, keeps on going and going.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Helen Clark. She is never short of a reply to any question, even if it isn't what people want to hear. Unlike John Key, who still seems unsure of himself and his policies.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's



Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Helen, to be honest. I like her integrity and get the impression she won't be bullied - important in a leader!


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

sue branford cause everything she says makes me pee my pants cause it's all lies!

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