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Getfrank has five copies of this stellar DVD - Charlie Wilson's War, to give away to get your hands on one list below a politician you enjoy seeing in action. "a fantastic entertaining watch which captures the viewer within minutes"Check out the full DVD Review here>> & The exclusive interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman here>>    read full article


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

George Bush has to be one of the funniest to watch [video]whhbPVrb5KM[/video]


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Rove's weekly commentary on Kevin Rudd in their series Kevin Rudd, PM. Someone should do this type of thing over this side of the Tasman... or maybe we just don't want to see any more of Helen than we must, not even in a spoof.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

The funniest thing about our Prime Minister is that he has a girls name!!!! You go Helen....


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

GOtta be George bush, from the dancing to chest bumps and his speeches hes always a laugh to watch, does anyone take him seriously?? [video]Pyx31NCCgog[/video]


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Winston Peters, you just wait around waiting for him to put his foot in his mouth!


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

WINSTON PETERS can be very entertaining. He often has a smirk on his face and he is good at ruffling feathers. He is very outspoken often taunting others and has some interesting expressions of speech he uses at times. There always seems to be a spectacle if Winston is involved - as I said before he is quite the entertainer.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

I don't like seeing any in action. They all act like school children.


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

George Bush, love his amusing stuff ups


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

i like helen clark at least she didnt stab anyone in the back and she was actually voted in by the people, she is compassionit and has a social conscience


Charlie Wilson's War DVD's

Winston Churchill. He may be dead, but he's still brilliant. I particularly like his champagne, whisky and cigars - and sending back official papers that were over a page 'because the writer clearly hadn't thought enough about what he wanted to say'. No bureacrat bullshit for the original Winnie!


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