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On Charlie Sheen's new cooking show; Winning Recipes, Charlie shows you how to cook using all of the power of a warlock. read full article


Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

Brilliant - I wonder if he has always been like this - but has come out of his drug fueled stupour and 'discovered' the internet; so is taking the chance to show what he is really made of...namely cocaine and crazy.


I bet every meal he eats comes with an unhealthy dose of cigarette ash.


The two-and-a-half-man comes up two short of two-and-a-half brains.


Charlie has well and truly lost it - my heart goes out to him. Yes its funny but pretty sad too!!


He has soooooooooooooo lost the plot, he leaves me speechless!


charlie sheen. is the man. he cracks me up big time! soooo gutted that he prob wont be doing the last season! i heard they asked john stamos that starred in full house. IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME! if charlie sheen is officially kicked off it would be like paul holmes not being on breakfast anymore. NO ONE WOULD WATCH IT! haha.....


Charlie Sheen is so funny love two and a half men but omg what the hell is he thinking, i think he has gone crazy lol - he wants to be on every television network, It is funny but pretty sad for Charlie Sheen lol... he can do better.


I heard for Charlie Sheen next show is with Lindsay Lohan and it's called "Two and a half grams" Love your work Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep Winning!


Charlies a great laugh and even though it's sad to see him going crazy it's great entertainment. My favourite joke about him is Charlie Sheen took a private jet to the Bahamas with 2 pornstars and his ex girlfriend. So remember kids, only loser’s use drugs.


I think he's discovered something ingeneous that the rest of us have blindly overlooked. I'm sure once I begin to understand the amazing insights that flow from his brain I'll be on the road to becoming his greatest disciple. "Winning!" Hmm ...yes! That beats 'losing'. I tell you, he's brilliant!

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