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Understanding Food Pairing with Champagne Ah, champagne. It's a French discovery synonymous with romance, celebration, and, for those who don't know how to properly open a bottle, safety goggles. Filled with flavor, essence, and history, champagne is a wine that people sometimes know little about. Often overlooked for a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild or a Grand Reserve Pinot Noir, champagne is frequently to the alcohol industry what the garter belt is to the fashion industry: it's only given attention during wedding receptions. It's not the champagne's fault; it didn't insult drinkers in a drunken, outspoken moment.... read full article


Champagne: A Wine of Many Talents

Great Article! I love me some Chanpagne


I thought that the whole point with Champagne was that you didn't drink food with it? How does one get ridiculously pissed in a tiny amount of time if one eats?


I love Champagne for special occasions!


I love drinking a good champagne


Great article. We had methode traditionalle with oysters at a wine tasting once so I can see the comment about saltiness is definitely true. We try and buy NZ wine most often - because it's so good and there are so many varieties - and I think our bubbly is some of the best. No 1 family estate are doing great things. Morton (the sec is a good alternative to the brut), Deutz and Allan Scott blanc de blancs are always good value and readily available. Cloudy Bay Pelorus is something special too. At least one bottle is necessary for breakfast on Christmas morning!


There is a staggering difference between really good (preferably authentic French) champagne and the cheap fizz imitators. Everyone should try it once, best consumed in an exotic location, with an equally exotic companion.


I agree. only like the good ones


is there anything champagne does not go with! admittedly when i attend a party that has it on offer i don't really care what else they are serving, i stick close to the bottle.


So many people need to read this article, Lindauer is NOT champagne, and never ever could or will be.

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