Discussing :: Celebrate Kiwiana with Tasti

To celebrate Tasti’s iconic new Kiwi cliché campaign and over 80 years of Kiwiness. If you fancy chomping down on delicious Choc Peanut Nut Bars, Choc Fudge Muffin Bakes and Apricot Harvest Bars, head over to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TastiNZ to test how Kiwi you are. don't forget to like our page as well!  Get Frank is pleased to offer 20x viewers a chance to win a box of Kiwi Snack Packs worth $4.99 each. To enter, simply comment below to finalise your entry. Make sure to check out next weeks Newsletter to see if your our lucky winners   COMPETITION CLOSED Winner(s):  Katy Mac, Gabser, Kizami, K Scott,... read full article


These are very tasty!! I'd love some.


This advert is such a dag, some of the questions are so hard case, only in New Zealand, I love it!
I wouldn't mind trying these Tasti bars I'm in desperate need of something healthy to snack on.


Great ad, love the Kiwiana 'flavour'.


These bars are so yummy and tasti....great for work and for the kids lunches :)


such a great t.v add, would love to try these bars.


very cool ad, and good to see the company was creating the ads using their fans' suggestions... very well done!


Another reason it's good to be a kiwi.


Mate, Choc & Kiwiana, an unbeatable combo, would love to munch on these.


Love these bars. Tasty and filling....feel like they are great value!


Love the new ads from Tasti


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