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How to think and act like a leader. If you read the business or property pages, you’ll have heard of Carey Smith. As Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, he is responsible for one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country with more than 125 real estate offices nationwide. His company transacts around $5 billion worth of property sales a year. As Chief Executive of The Loan Market NZ, he also has 38 brokers facilitating $600 million in Property finance a year. Smith moved to New Zealand from Australia in 1996 to assist in the rebranding of United Realty, the New Zealand component of the Australian business. He found it one... read full article


Carey Smith – DELIVER

Brennan Lawley would love to be a motivational speaker. getting people to understand and give up their addictions,


Carey Smith – DELIVER

David Millar Chairman or CEO of Fonterra


Carey Smith – DELIVER

CEO of The Warriors or just the rub down girl would be fine


Carey Smith – DELIVER

Nz's first Benovolent Military Dictator!


Carey Smith – DELIVER

CEO of DB breweries


Carey Smith – DELIVER

Lance CEO of telecom


Carey Smith – DELIVER

Lance No, on second thoughts, Priminister of New Zealand. It involves less work, I get my own protection squade, and I'm will not be held responsible for anything I do wrong, instead I will be given a high paying cushy overseas job and a pnsion when I retire.


Carey Smith – DELIVER

yimu wang ruler of the world would be nice


Carey Smith – DELIVER

To be a famous, drunk as a skunk, obliterated rock star


Carey Smith – DELIVER

Move over Heff!! playboy mansion here i come


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