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The commercial, that became an online phenomenon - dubbed ‘Gorilla’ by fans, has finally hit NZ screens.The TVC is for Cadbury Dairy Milk, features a gorilla drumming out the always impressive version of Phil Collins’ hit - In the air tonight. 'Gorilla’ is one of the most viewed ads on YouTube, with 2.3m views to date, and over five million online views through video sharing webhosts. It has also spawned 70 Facebook groups with more than 50,000 members, as well as catapulting In the air tonight backinto the UK top twenty singles chart - nice.In celebration of its arrival we've got 5 boxes of the Dairy Milk Goodness to giveaway... read full article


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

Nirvana Cover hahah [video]XgKtVFnsL-Y[/video]


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

Eclipse of the heart - couple of beats off but farkin funny [video]VdgI0j1odkY[/video]


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

ACDC - Vid's mixed to beat [video]SqLvyOyBH6E[/video]


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

That music just hits the core, and the gorilla is so cool :)


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

The out take we were never meant to see... Wait for the shots at the end, beautiful. [video]pUnIvwyrfLg[/video]


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

great ad. but the only item missing is a box of bananas


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

Word Up by Cameo, good mix too [video]_gRtq2-gziI[/video]


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

This is one of the catchiest & best Ad's I have seen in a long time. I got hooked on it. Dropped what ever I was doing at the time it came on to watch it. Even got my entire family hooked on it. Cool ad along with a cool catchy song. Go Gorilla!! My wife has stated buying Cadbury's again.


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

Lol... Nice Ad... and even nicer song ! You wouldnt expect the drums-no way ! :) It could have been more expressive though? Maybe the gorilla dancing and munching Cadburys to that song? luv cadburys !!


Cadbury Chocolate Packs

It that chocolate that gets you with it, it livens you up to a renewed beat of your heart, and you get back into step with life, with a renew determination to beat the doldrums

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