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Burn After Reading is releasing on DVD 4th of March.A decidedly light hearted fare and a bit on the quirky side it brings together one hell of an impressive cast - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand.  To celebrate Getfrank has got FIVE Burn After Reading DVD's to giveaway, to be in for one let's hear about an entertaining entry that you'd place in a memoir for your life thus far.  This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Burn After Reading DVD's

I was heading Home after doing Ball room dancing one night and my girlfriend was following me in her car when she decides to hoof it past me, so me being the sort who dosent let girls win no matter what decides to catch up and hoof it past her, i get past her and the look of glee on my face is wiped off as i spy a cop behind me. he gets me for doing 168, i go to court and lose my license for 6 months as well as a $880 fine. sucks to be me, my girl friend has great fun rubbing it in whenever she can now.


Burn After Reading DVD's

Not a huge sports fan when I was younger but in P.E. we had moved from Netball to Volleyball to finally Hockey, I thought this is a sport I could get into, aggressive to pump the adrenaline and you have a weapon with you. This was also an assessment by the way but we got into the game and I was really enjoying, getting better and faster and in the game..so much so I looked backwards watching an opposition team member chasing as I had the ball and as I turned back WHAM! Slammed into a netball pole, getting air before falling on the concrete and throwing up something red (but it wasn't blood). Next thing ya know a rumour goes round school i died and I'm off to hospital for 3 weeks with a lacerated liver (the doctor said bruised to me but I was old enough to read the clipboard at the end of the bed).


Burn After Reading DVD's

One night my ex and I had this huge arguement and he stormed out. Minutes later he was banging at the door and was having a LOT of trouble breathing. Me being me, panicked and rung his Mum (lol we were 17 at the time) to take him up the hospital. Anyhow, driving along rather ummm quickly and I got the giggles. His Mum who is rather worried by now wanted to know what the HELL I was laughing at. We'd just run a red light and the police were chasing us. Needless to say they escorted us to the hospital lmao but it's just something silly that's stuck in my mind since


Burn After Reading DVD's

A BURN moment for me was diffenantly hooking up with this girl at new when my mate was trying to get her whoops. wish that one never happened


Burn After Reading DVD's

Turned around and smacked my head into the big poles in the middle of The Warehouse, to make matters worse, it RUNG like a bell and EVERYONE heard and looked around. DOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!

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