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Burn After Reading is releasing on DVD 4th of March.A decidedly light hearted fare and a bit on the quirky side it brings together one hell of an impressive cast - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand.  To celebrate Getfrank has got FIVE Burn After Reading DVD's to giveaway, to be in for one let's hear about an entertaining entry that you'd place in a memoir for your life thus far.  This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.   read full article


Burn After Reading DVD's

Camelback ride at Port Macquarie


Burn After Reading DVD's

Top Gear program


Burn After Reading DVD's

Trying to explain to the nurse at A&E that i had dislocated my hip while doing an extreme dance move, she had tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard......shame lol


Burn After Reading DVD's

car rally


Burn After Reading DVD's

Deciding with a couple of workmates to try something different for lunchbreak when living in Wellington. We rocked on over to what we thought was a jazz festival at Thorndon Church. Saw the front rows still empty so sat right up front with our packed cafe lunches. Started to think that we may have been under-dressed when suddenly a coffin was brought out and we realised that my mate had got wrong date and we had to sit right up front, getting strange looks, at some elderley stranger's funeral! So shameful.


Burn After Reading DVD's

My 21st birthday party


Burn After Reading DVD's

In year 3 we were having a spelling bee. It was my turn and the word was "shirt." I was so eager to score a point for my team. Unfortunately I left out the R. Still traumatizes me to this day... :P HAHA!


Burn After Reading DVD's

New years 2006/07 in Zakopane, Poland. Had a massive dinner and drinks at a house we had hired with my sister and brother in law and some friends we have over there. So midnight was coming up quick so we take a stroll down to the main street (the walk is a story in itself). The clock strikes 12 and it seems everyone but us was equipt with some serious (over there perfectly legal) fireworks! People letting them off all around us, sticking them in snow then lighting them.. Not at all thinking about how its going to melt the snow its sitting in etc!I could go on forever.. An amazing night that i can not at all describe anywhere near as good as it was!


Burn After Reading DVD's

Well, this incident happened while on holiday in the USA in 2003. In LA, we waved down a taxi, got the driver to open the trunk and hopped in. Now this driver seemed dodgy right from the moment we started driving. About 10min later we heard police sirens coming from behind. Immediately the driver became very nervous, and quickly pulled off the road into a car park. He then jumped out of the car and started running out of sight by an alley. As we had shopping in the locked trunk we just sat still in the car. 10min later (the cab meter still running) he returned; very carefully watching our surroundings. The rest of the journey, via an alternative route was largely uneventful. Needless to say he didn't get a tip!


Burn After Reading DVD's

The time I put a fire out in a girl's hostel that started while I was visiting my girlfriend there (Burn After Reading - He He)

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