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“Which team are you supporting?” he demanded in a thick Argentinean accent. “Yours,” I replied cautiously. The squat teenager considered me for a moment. “I think you’ll need this,” he finally ventured, offering me the blue and gold flag wrapped around his shoulders. He was right. There are few cities in the world that embrace football, or any sport for that matter, with the fanatical intensity of Buenos Aires. And whether or not you’re a fan of the ‘beautiful game’, taking in a match at the legendary La Bombonera stadium, home of the Boca Juniors, is a visceral experience not soon forgotten. Boca... read full article


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Damn! And i thought the English were passionate about football.. Look forward to catching this awesoem spectacle one day!!

The English are perhaps just as passionate at least in Newcastle where I come from. You should see the rivalry with Sunderland. However this spectacle would be great to be part of. The population in NZ just doesn't let the same spectical occur. With bigger crowds fervour certinly builds.


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Argentina is a fantastic place I know what you mean about the fervour!! I lived there for 5 yrs the local derby between boca & River is the one to go to. Year before last I took a tour party there and was thinking of doing it again this coming year. Do we have 25 or so starters, from Iguazu falls to Perito Moreno glacier this is an amazing place.


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Looks like it could be worth a visit


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

What an awesome sporting experience that would be to experience!


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

definitely on my list of places to go now


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Wow, the stadium is amazing, puts our pitiful cake tins and eden parks to shame :( Passionate people though, and I'm sure it would be an unforgetable experience for any person to witness.


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Great place to visit...but I'd miss the football..you are taking your life into your own hands going to one of those games


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Awesome stadium and it would be mindblowing to experience it ...


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Thats what it was like at Eden Park on saturday......................Yeah Right


Buenos Aires: Football Fervor

Something I can't comprehend is being so fanatical about a sporting team to the point of being sent to prison...

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