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Big Boys Toys, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of male oriented exhibitions is set to explode into action this year on 14th – 16th November, 2008, with a list of activities to inspire and ignite. Every year, between 45-55,000 people pack into the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland, to see the biggest, the best and most powerful displays by our best-loved brands, showcasing autos from big bore V8s to million dollar supercars; aquatic craft from two metres to 16 metres; motor-bikes of all kinds; from skate-boards to military vehicles, spirits to soft-drinks and more promo-girls than you can shake a four-by-two at. Getfrank.co.nz has 10 double... read full article


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

The Pink Stinger packs 50,000 volts of power at your finger tips. Because it is an advanced stun gun, you do have the option of stun capabilities with a simple click of a switch. In the Stun setting, you need only make contact with intended target via the 2 prods for an effective toxic shock rendering the victim disoriented, demoralized and embarrassed . When shooting in Zap mode, 2 extra absorbent cotton tampons with barbed probes and 14 ft. of wire are expelled and propelled by compressed nitrogen. Electric current then passes to the body, where the probes have attach to the clothing or bare skin, causing central nervous system disruption, possible urination and certain humiliation. Optimal target range for the stun gun is 7-10 feet with a maximum of 14 feet. Absorbency range of tampon is 6-9 grams. The included batteries and compressed nitrogen cartridge store neatly in the pink zapplicator casing for easy replacement.


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

traffic free transport! finally!


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Vurtego V2 Extreme Pogo Sticks [video]VsaAgOp0pZI - Vurtego Pogo Stick demo[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008



BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Every boy needs, a full-size, remote-controlled Hummer H3, crafted by engineers from Cranfield University in the UK. Capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wally, operate in up to 610mm of water and traverse a 40% slope, it won't be available commercially. Sorry boys.


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

No matter how clean your car's windshield, the view from the driver's seat is less than perfect. Solid features such as dashboard and doors can conceal road hazards such as other vehicles and pedestrians. Now a team of engineers has come up with a way to make those solid features "disappear", at least from the driver's point of view, without modifying them in any way. A pair of stereo cameras mounted on the passenger-side wing mirror capture scenery usually hidden from the driver by the dashboard and the solid parts of doors. A headset worn by the driver projects the cameras' output onto the solid features, displaying a clear view of what hides behind them as if they were transparent A video shows the prototype in action working in real time.


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

This was on top gear a while ago - looked like soooo much fun. a real toy to be had! [video]OOK_e9Tu9l0[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

try outrun the cops in Italy! [video]UiJXQIQxzcc[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

this is the best toy ever, [video]LqcDJGlfAGE[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

The Red Camera System. 12 Megapixel Sensor, uses 35mm camera lenses, shallow depth of field. Can by a system for around USD$30K, Endorsed by Peter Jackson. See Red dot com for details.


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