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Big Boys Toys, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of male oriented exhibitions is set to explode into action this year on 14th – 16th November, 2008, with a list of activities to inspire and ignite. Every year, between 45-55,000 people pack into the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland, to see the biggest, the best and most powerful displays by our best-loved brands, showcasing autos from big bore V8s to million dollar supercars; aquatic craft from two metres to 16 metres; motor-bikes of all kinds; from skate-boards to military vehicles, spirits to soft-drinks and more promo-girls than you can shake a four-by-two at. Getfrank.co.nz has 10 double... read full article


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Sup GetFrank, would be hella keen on some free passes! :) [video]-ZfueVHVnkI[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

you can buy this for US$200,000 flies for 9 minutes. From jetpack international


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Not a bad ride!


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

"Japan's Sakakibara Machinery Works has unveiled its version of a sit-in walking robot, dubbed Land Walker 2. The 3.4m, one-tonne robot walks at 1.5km/h. It is operated by four pedals in the cockpit. A monitor showing the feet area helps the driver watch their step. Air guns on each side of robot shoot a rubber ball 20-30m. The company sells it for 36 million yen ($43,500). However owners are advised that these land walkers are vulnerable to hostile Ewoks and Wookies. "


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

The DeathStar


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

The Body cart: The fast-paced world of technology has at long last produced the world's first motorized full body-hugging skateboard. Called Body-Cart, this marvel of engineering is certain to offer people of all ages hours upon hours of exhilarating fun. This is the newest form of transportation for the serious recreational enthusiast!


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Not sure if you guys have seen this already ... [video]RXRfZV25n6I[/video]


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

Boomcooler! for 900 bucks you get a chilly bin with a soundsystem!


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

How could you not want you're very own Secret Service Chipmunk? Comes equipped with a miniature yet oddly high powered pistol with scope, perfect for getting rid of the Mother-In-Law's, Lawyers & Ex's


BP Ultimate Big Boys Toys 2008

& I had ta post this sweet toy!


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