Discussing :: Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

For the past two months, I have been attempting to extract information from Judith Collins about her plans to use "cease and desist" orders against boy racers. As I've noted before, these orders smell a lot like ASBOs, the "anti-social behaviour orders" used by the UK government to do an end-run around human rights and fair-trial protections as part of its pedophobic "tough on crime" campaign. But the police's original proposals, which I obtained under the Official Information Act despite Judith Collins' best efforts to prevent it - don't just smell like ASBOs - they're worse. How? Well, even under the Scottish system which the police... read full article


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

This is really BS. I understand that people get annoyed with boy racers, but this approach is like hitting a hornet's nest with a stick Mostly law abiding young people, who have either a middle-class background or a good income of their own will be criminalised and alienated from society.


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

boy racing in some ways should stop so many accidents happen but saying that maybe they should open a road supervised police included for full licenced suitable cars to muck around in the weekends so they won't get into trouble.


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

Judith needs a reality check. She seems far too distant. She has commented that the cars must be crushed, not sold off, otherwise they will just be bought by other boy racers and the cycle will continue. That is totally overlooking the massive financial loss the guy who just lost his car has suffered. Plus the depressing feeling of losing something he may well have spend a tremendous amount of time on. Why should these vehicles be destroyed, the world resources wasted like that, just because Judith cannot see a better solution? What a hell of a waste! If cars are actually taken off people and sold by the State, the State gets an income and thus makes it more worthwhile for the Police to enforce. Just like speed cameras and radar guns do for them. What happens now is that the Police are far to busy on Friday/Saturday nights to go patrolling known boy racer spots, and its not worth the possible aggro directed to them by a fired up crowd either. They certainly don't have the resources to go in as a Team Policing big group. This is not a criticism of the Police, just the reality of an overloaded organization.


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

I really don't understand why we can't just stop allowing giant mufflers, and ridiculously low suspension. Boom, straight away we've decreased noise pollution and gone a small way towards improving vehicle safety.


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

I don't like boy racers. But I do believe there's a clear distinction between Boy racers, and others who enjoy having a nice car and take pride in their asset. Graham, I don't believe seizing, then selling these cars to fund further clamp downs on this ignorant behaviour is the answer. The only people who would want to buy these penile implants on wheels is other boy racers who are likely to demonstrate the beahviour we are trying to stamp out. I liken it to the governmnent making huge amount of taxes on tobacco. Sure it looks good on the balance sheet, until you see how much is spent on medical procedures and anti-smoking programs to treat smoking related illnesses every year. It's an 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' attitude. So how do we put the fence at the top? Fines aren't the answer either. In 2007, over 500 drivers were prosecuted over one weekend in the South Island. Many were arrested for unpaid fines, varying in amoung from $100 to $30k. If a $30k debt isn't going to stop them, whats a few more dollars on top? Yes crushing cars might be seen as being a waste of resources, but it's not exactly viable to be shipping them off to third world countries either. I think selling the cars on would just be moving the problem, not solving it. Financial loss? What about the money the country, and by proxy, us as tax payers, sink into emergency services and other associated costs these guys (and some girls, to be fair) incur with their behaviour? We're (I say we; I'm no Judith Collins fan, but I'm no boy racer fan either) not talking about crushing cars as a knee jerk, first option solution. Only those who's continuous abrasive attitude towards other road road users who have been warned previously, perhaps even more than once, that their cars could be turned into scrap could actually find the threat eventuate. Of course, those who abide by the laws of New Zealand have nothing to worry about, regardless of what kind of car they drive....


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

this is a unfair law, as i understand that some boy racers do just go out cause trouble do skids and whatever this however is the minority, i myself would b classified as a boy racer as my car (mk2 escort) has a dumpy exhaust is lowered is loud and fast, but i dont go out raceing and doing skids, i just enjoy cruising, if i was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and my car was crushed i would be devastated. i think there needs to be input from boy racers to the government and police so that a logical plan can be put in place.

I totally agree with ya Josh. Have the government in any way thought that to effectivly target the problem group (as you said minority) would be to talk to the rest of these so called boy racers who do abide to the law and ask them how they pose the problem should be tackeled.

Going in with guns blazing is just going to anger a larger group who originally where passive. The proverb waking a sleeping giant comes to mind


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

dont know what to say


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

How do you 'get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time'?? It's not Beirut, if you get into trouble it will be of your own doing. As Scott said above, if you are obeying the laws you are not going to have any problems.


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

Scott you make some good points. But to destroy that much material simply because we cannot come up with a more effective solution, is pretty poor in my view. It is only 1 symptom of a raft of weaknesses in our social fabric. Some of it stems from the Social Welfare State, which seems to engender a lack of respect for other people, their rights or there property. The other aspect is the lack of repsect for the Law and the Police who try an enforce it. I dont blame the Police either, they are not supported by the Courts! When we were burgled last year, the police officer attending told me she had arrested a burlgar with 36 previous convictions. The Judge fined him $200.00. Almost an encouragement to carry on, how pathetic! I suggest that the Police know that boy racers generally are no more of a danger than drunk drivers. That if they do clamp down on them, the Court will not take any meaningful action. Even if this new Law is passed, the Courts will probably only issue a crush order in an extreme case.The kids will say how badly done to they have been by society, how they have no father at home and Mum is on the dole. They need the car to get into the Waitakeres to look after their marijuana crops. All good stories for the Judge to feel sympathy for!


Boy-Racer Legislation, what it could mean

Any boy racer who is caught in the act should most definately have their cars crushed and be given community services immediatetly!! They are out there endangering our friends and famillies night after night, and if caught again instant jail time! There are race tracks where you can register and race each other legally, i'm sure you'd still get the adreniline pumping.

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