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The original Bioshock, now an ancient 2 years old in gaming terms, was, and in fact still is a work of art. The ‘50s art deco styling of Rapture – its underwater city setting, compelling storyline and some genuinely undies-soiling moments made it stand out in a very saturated first-person shooter market. Now we are revisiting Rapture in Bioshock 2 and while several things have changed – the place and its inhabitants are still all too familiar. Bioshock 2 borrows everything that made its predecessor great and stays with the proven formula, improving in some areas but essentially falling flat as the lack of a gripping storyline emotionally... read full article


Bioshock 2

Bioshock is one of my favourite games... it was like playing through a movie, you get totally immersed in the environment. Can't wait to play this one. The multiplayer is a nice addition also.


Bioshock 2



Bioshock 2

I would absolutely love to win this as I do not own any games for the XBox 360 and this particular game looks amazing!


Bioshock 2

Also, how awesome is this!? [video]-HCTNmBXPKU[/video]


Bioshock 2

This is such a cool game. I want one.


Bioshock 2

im too scared to play it!! lol


Bioshock 2

Incredible well made game. Also has bomberman on the cover..


Bioshock 2

Definantly awaiting this game. Hey, hopefully GetFrank can hook me up with it too.


Bioshock 2

Wish I have those "super powers" and able to electrify & cook people with plasmid @_@


Bioshock 2

Is this just science fiction or science fact...


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