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Bing, Harris and Co. was established in Dunedin in the mid-1850s and quickly became one of the most prominent importer and exporter of general goods in New Zealand, particularly clothing. They also began manufacturing clothing locally after the First World War out of their Dunedin based factory. October 2012 has seen the re-emergence of this history-rich brand into our fashion landscape in the form of Bing, Harris & Co menswear. With its fresh, affordable and on-trend design focus, Kiwi guys are spoilt for choice for their summer threads.  The Bing, Harris & Co. range includes coloured fabric jeans, yardage printed and chino shorts, shirts with... read full article


great styles and great prices aswell, awesome as store.


Online shopping is mean as, especially when you dont have much time to get into town due to work etc.. Especially for a shop like this!!


And here's me thinking that Speights, Andrew Hore and boozed up freshers were the only good things to come out of Dunedin.


I love the fact that one of Alistair's influences is Steve McQueen. My brother would definitely suit the style of clothes Bing, Harris and Co. does.


I've got to check out the Riccarton store and online. We are starved for mens fashions in New Zealand so its good to see it. Thank you Alistair. Why is it all this cool stuff comes out of Dunedin?


Great range, great price and awesome looking gear. Have been in and have made the subtle hint to my 'friend' on what she should buy me for Christmas.


Glad to see this co has made the clothes affordable. Fashion is often lost because only the rich can afford it.


You can't miss with Steve McQueen for inspiration




a must have in every mans wardrobe, fashion with style. I would love to have a wardrobe clear out, out with the old, and in with the new from clothing from Bing, Harris & co


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