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The delicate balance between progress and protecting our environment has always been a tricky situation. At times we humans have made a complete hash of things. The ice-caps are balding. The rainforest could soon become a single shrub and the Moa’s combination of being slow, yet tasty, led New Zealand’s first inhabitants to hunt the big bird to extinction thus destroying any plans for a Kaikoura Fried-Moa chain of eateries. I myself try to do my part. I compost, I recycle and every time a possum or rabbit runs out in front of me I do my upmost to run the pest over. However, I and the rest of the Rugby community have not done enough when it comes to... read full article


Bevan Sanson: Time to bag the bags

Good for you Bevan! I am also a conservationist, I am the guy you see chasing a floating plastic bag down the beach even tho its not mine, and dump it in the rubbish bin. I do use green bags for shopping most of the time and all the bags we get, get re-used in one way or another. But there is a fine line between conservation, and ripping us all off, which is really all the supermarkets are doing. a 40,000% profit margin per bag times 1 billion bags is not too bad, and what are they doing with that super-profit? Giving to the save-the-Kea fund, doubt it!

Hearing that!


Bevan Sanson: Time to bag the bags

Yeah it's like tipping a rapist for handing back your clothes.

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